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The Festivals of Male Voice Praise is a fellowship of Gospel Male Voice Choirs composed of Christian men, singing in honour of Jesus' name; supporting missionary enterprise at home and abroad; encouraging and fostering the growth of Gospel Male Voice Choirs.

Singing has a part to play in all of our lives. Some flock in their thousands to support their favourite football team and enthusiastically sing themselves hoarse. Whether it is alone in the shower or part of a group, there is something that stirs us to express our feelings in song.

In 2010 over 300 men had the privileged to share in the 75th Anniversary Festival of Male Voice Praise in the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow, and most recently in Bolton where choirmen from the UK and overseas united to sing with one common aim – to tell others how Jesus can transform lives. It is satisfying to have something worth singing about. Out of real experience we sing of how we came to faith in the Lord Jesus with the assurance that we will be with Him in eternity. I came across this verse in a poem recently which sums up the desire which should characterise every singing Christian.

So, I'll carry on singing whilst I've breath to give voice.
Should the time come to stop and I'm left with no choice,
When the choir here on earth has bid me ‘goodbye
'I'll be singing my part with God's choir in the sky.

If you would like to receive some further information about the gospel message we love to sing about leave a note of your name and address together with your request on our ‘Contact us’ page and we will send you a booklet.

Ian Stangoe